Advocating for access to healthy food

Learn how we support nutrition advocacy and education.

Food as a Tool to Empower

 “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”.

– John F. Kennedy.

Join us as we work to offer children the opportunity to pursue and realize their goals and dreams by providing access to nutritious food as the fuel for their future.

Food is information for the body, providing the necessary nutrients to express healthy genetics, optimize growth and development, support strong cognition and learning, and create a foundation for long-term wellness.

Our team is committed to providing advocacy and education to policy makers, industry leaders, and local communities in order to expand access to nutritious food for children and families.

Our services to support advocacy and education include program development, training, and delivery, assistance with scientific research, community outreach and education, and research and development of materials for state and local advocacy.

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