According to the Migraine Research Foundation, more than 38 million Americans suffer from migraine, including my entire immediate family. Fortunately, our family has experienced tremendous healing of chronic migraines thanks to the Gerson Therapy and the wonderful team of doctors and advocates within the Gerson Institute. My brother, father and myself each developed migraines at various ages – my father experienced migraines for decades and it was through his desperate attempt to resolve his own degrading health that we all found the Gerson Therapy.


Worst-case Scenario

Much like Dr. Max Gerson, my brother’s migraines began at a young age – the age of four – and disabled him for nearly 30 years as he struggled to stay alive amidst the dizzying list of pharmaceuticals, injections, emergency room visits, and doctor appointments. I developed migraine at the age of 18 and during the decades of subsequent disability and suffering, attempted to take my own life after doctors told me there was no hope to heal, that this sickness would always consume me. It should be noted that migraines have run in our family on both the paternal and maternal sides for four generations – this genetic predisposition to migraines and ill health devastated our family.

My brother, Jake, represented the quintessential “worst-case” scenario – a person who has suffered since childhood, a young man whom top migraine specialists across the country had given up on. After more than 20 years of chronic illness, he had become very disillusioned with the idea of continuing to try new treatments. His latest doctor, who has migraines as well, only offered him never-ending prescriptions of acute and preventative medications. After visiting with Jake’s doctor myself, I soon found myself in a similar scenario of juggling medications that did nothing but mask symptoms and create new health complications. I started at 25 migraine days per month and was surviving at around 7-12 migraine days per month after working with a variety of traditional migraine specialists. Our family was desperate to understand why we were having migraines and unable to settle for the life-sentence of being sick forever.

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